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Hi there,

I'm new to Fitday (well, I joined a long time ago, but never really participated/used the program!) The long & short of it - I'm a working Mom of 2 - managed to lose all my baby weight and then some last year after my second baby. I was down to my lowest weight ever as an adult ... and this past year (since I've returned to work, etc.), I've managed to gain back 30 lbs. I'm so depressed! I've been battling chronic health problems (severe migraines, shoulder problems) - I used to get to the gym 5+ times a week and now I'm lucky if I get there once or twice...

SO - I'm going to really try and log in here every day - hopefully get my ass in gear and head to the gym or do SOME exercise every day (providing no migraines!) I think I just need a swift kick ... I can't handle feeling this way any longer!

I'd love to hear some of your success stories or tips - I'm sure there are other women out there in the same boat as I am. I'm hoping to lose 30-35 lbs before next Spring - I'm going to make a goal and commit to it! Maybe I need a workout buddy?!? Do you find that helps??

Thanks for listening to me rant ...
Hi I'm 56yrs old and have fight the wieght thing for years I got laid off twice last year and gained 20 more lbs. So on Jan.4th I started changing my life stile as of aug 7th I'm down 29lbs.

Some of my bad foods were butter,cheese,white pasta and white rice so butter cheese are out about 90% changed to brown rice and eat smart pasta at 9gm of fiber. I also fine if I don't eat enough I will not loss that week.So lots of vegs ccut back on four leg meats cow pig lamb... high fiber foods beans lots of recipie on line,wht goes in needs to go out.

Hope this helped??

I just got on fitday so I'm intrested to see how this adds (or takes away ) from my wieght loss goal

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