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Originally Posted by Shell250 View Post
Awesome websites Basscat, thanks so much, again.

I agree with what you said. I know so many people with chronic migraines. It is sad that it is so hard to avoid these chemicals and that the ingredients listings can be so deceptive. I didn't realize the msg was potentially connected to ADD; but it makes sense. Alot of people eat loads of processed foods every day, particularly kids.

Another issue is the hormones given to livestock; they are particularly high in beef. I think it is a good idea to know where your meat and produce originates from or buy 'farm direct' whenever possible.

I am even more motivated to eat naturally now!!!! Going to really analyze any processed foods that I purchase.
I hope it helps you out.I totally agree with you on the beef issue as well , and I am looking into buying direct as well.I kind of find it strange only to be able to eat a very few select foods LOL my list of foods to eat has shrunkin (is that even a word) alot in the past few months but I do feel alot better now.
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