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I have pretty well ate like this my whole's the added stuff that I have to stay away from.....chips, soda, icecream, chocolate, cookies, cake, pie, candy etc.....I can't have these everyday and expect to lose any weight. Plus the fact that I have a sit down job and no energy............

I also think I was eating too much at a time. Eating past the full feeling.

Will have to say, cutting these out I have more energy and I get up at work and instead of taking a smoke break (I don't smoke) I take a walk break.

So, I have to say Yes I can eat like this for the rest of my life. I have learned my lesson. I don't want to feel sluggish my whole like and have to take a nap everyday just to make it though. Which I haven't napped in a week now.

I will revamp the diet to fit me. I'm not saying I will strictly stick to the book.

In two books I read they talk about grocery shopping and to stick to the outside isles of shopping. Sure it takes a little longer to cook everything from scratch, but it actually makes me feel better. I guess that's all that really matters. Am I saying I won't induldge......heck no, I will not ever forbid myself from having icecream once in a while or a candy bar........but I can never go back to how I was eating.
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