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Originally Posted by haganeedle06 View Post
Only dairy I consume is in cheese. I have never been a dairy type eater. I was eating alot of wheat products and have quit eating wheat and my asthma has eased up.

I have the New Atkins book and the Dr. Oz book and on and on......and most all of these books go along the same story line.

Like I said, I have tried every diet I can think of, even got put on diet pills from doctor and nothing has worked like the Atkins. Let me clarify that I probably don't follow it correctly, but I drop my carb count down to where I can lose and see what my count will be.........

This has been the only diet I can stick with. I'm not a big meat eater, but love veges. I'm getting plenty full. I feel more energetic. And I have quit obsessing over food. I used to think about food 24/7 now it more like 12/7....LOL...

I know there is a lot of controversy on the Atkins. I'm not going to harm my body. The way I was going I was harming my body.
Most all my vegetables come from our own garden and we raise our own beef and pork. No chemicals have been used.

What I was eating was lots of pasta, lots of sugar. I haven't cut carbs out, I still eat them, just healthier.
Cheese is concentrated dairy. You might a significant improvement by cutting out dairy altogether. Couldn't hurt for a couple months.

It is great you are eating more veggies and that is probably the reason you aren't obsessing or craving more food. Believe it or not, most Americans starve themselves of microntrients, and your body craves more of them when deficient. It does this despite the amount of calories you consume. A nutrient dense food has a lot of micronurients and fewer macronutrients (calories). Veggies are the most dense, with fruits next, then grains, most beans & legumes, and finally nuts, meat, dairy and eggs being the least dense.

Carbs are not the enemy. I lost 70-80 pounds eating a diet of 80%-90% carbs. The key was that I was eating mostly fresh raw fruits and vegetables which have a LOT of nutrients. I make ice cream with frozen bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, spinach, kale, flax seeds, etc. I throw them in my vitamix and it makes a soft serve ice cream like food. It is like eating ice cream everyday! Although you need to be careful with such concoctions, because you substantially increase a fruits glycemic load when you blend it up.

Do you think you can eat the way you are eating now for the rest of your life? Because that is what you need to be able to do to keep the weight off. Most people drop the fad diets when they reach a goal or when they fail to reach a goal, and put it all back on plus more. I did this myself for years.
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