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Protein powder is really like motor oil. You can pay more for different brands but its all mostly the same. Same petroleum, same refining process.

Isolate is like synthetic higher quality higher price. Concentrate is your standard.

Concentrate is really all you need though. The stuff I get is 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners. NOW foods, you should check them out, they sell it at the organic foods stores, I get it from a supplement place. The whey itself comes from a cheese maker, the only thing these companies do is add flavor and other ingredients and package it. Why pay twice as much it doesn't make sense.

P.S. I found this brand doing a few searches on google "best whey protein" and it pulled up reviews from different bodybuilding sites, I chose the NOW foods brand because it was all natural and high quality, its also made in the united states, I'm not a bargain shopper I am always willing to pay more for quality, and with this whey I found quality. I went through a 6lb tub last month so I decided to get the 10 lb bag this time, its the size of a dog food bag, but at $0.50 a scoop that is a supreme bargain for this quality protein.

I think using whey as an alternative protein source is more economical than using chicken, fish, or especially beef, even if you do have a family to feed, you have to feed yourself too don't you? Less chicken you eat the more you can feed them. I don't know about you but I use the whey as a food replacement, I don't just take it to get extra protein in addition to whatever else I'm eating.

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