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This is a really great thread, have enjoyed reading through the discussion so far! At 6ft and 310lbs I'm obese and I know it. I don't tend to 'excuse' my eating habits in so much that I tend to just ignore it. I suppose it's weak will, but when I indulge in eating crap, I KNOW I'm being an idiot, for the most part I know I could get by without doing it and sometimes as I literally walk into a takeaway or pick up crap from the store shelf I might even be yelling at myself inside about it... yet I still do it. The only person to blame is myself and I think a large part of it is laziness too. Buying takeout instead of cooking, or 'cooking' crap because sticking a tray of fries and a couple of burgers in the oven for 30 minutes is easier than preparing a balanced meal.

Maybe this time will be THE time, reading around threads like this one and starting the Fit Day log are really proving to be an inspiration, it helps to be able to so easily and clearly measure what I'm doing to myself and see what work I need to do to start sorting myself out. I know I can 'resist' and get through the day yet it just seems too easy to succumb, really need to work hard on getting past this attitude and getting things under control. I'd love to lose a hundred pounds or so, but for now any weight loss will be an achivement...
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