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ok... basically here's what I was trying to post earlier.


I love this post you make some great points. One thing I would add (even though I'm scale obsessed) is trust your mirror! You mirror will tell you if your going in the right direction better than a scale would.

I have a question about #9, because I may be doing it wrong. Why do you drop down to .8g protein per pound of lean body mass when cutting? I always try to take in at LEAST 1g protein per pound of TOTAL body weight. When Cutting I shoot for 1.25g (~220g per day). I spread that though out the day b/c I know your body can only use so much at a time, the rest you'll just piss out. My though process on this (and I may be wrong) is that the protein is used to conserve muscle mass, which is why I take in so much. Does this make sense anyone or am I going about it wrong?
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