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Hi Jennifer;
Me too, & it was really bad last night. It was 10 days since I started my healthy eating program & had my last pepsi, till last night & the only reason I stopped at 1 was because it was the only 1 in the house. The first drink didn't even taste very good , but the last 1 sure did. Didn't stop there. The " HUNGRY MONSTER" was released & I don't mean the cute little monster that WW uses & mean the ravenous, huge one the devours every unhealthy , non-nutritional thing in it's path. Like 15 Tbs. of marshmallow creme right out of the jar, 2 oz. of pepperoni, ( yes I measured every worthless bite) , 3 cups of microwave popcorn, the unhealthy kind, when I had the healthy kind in the pantry. I just put all of this in my first journal entry , wasn't sure I was going to make it public. Then when I started to respond to your post it just all came out. The bad & the ugly. Perhaps the good is that I did log every bite & the non nutritional calorie total was 1020, making my total for the day 2247. What a way to start a Friday weigh-in. Well perhaps I can be the bad example of what not to do. Learn from the mistakes of others, be aware of the "HUNGRY MONSTER". I am back on track today. I DID NOT QUIT!! Sorry for the long post.
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