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Hi Mel!!
Thanks for your response! I am now at 158, can't remember if I wrote in and said that or not..YES, definately a venture..nicely said!! I KNOW exactly what you mean I am not overweight or underweight, just in the middle which is NOT fine with me.. 147 I WOULD LOVE to be at right now!! Keep it up and it will come off, just have to have a plan!! It is my 'off' day today, but my main goal is not to 'binge' on my 'off' days...if I find that I don't lose and stay stable for a week doing one day on and one day off then I am going to make it to 2 days on and 1 day off...I just don't know how my 'willpower' will hold up for 2 days in a row!! Mel, WE can DO this!! Stay on track and try not to stray too much, but still remain focused and it CAN happen by summer,, my bday is June (prev posted)!! Hehehe the 'little men' in our lives are sooo worth all the hard work ahead though, aren't they!! (not a question). Take CARE and I hope to hear from you again soon, your plan, motivation, ect!!
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