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...the running trails around tucson are starting to empty out now; it's a sad time of the year. (i usually go shopping on super sunday during game time)

if you've got a goal or reason to push, try alternating days. at the peak in my race training i do 4 hard days a week, with 3 easy recovery days. now i'm just doing 1 hard day a week. during the buildup i add an extra hard day every three weeks until i get up to four.

things that help me enormously:

(1) on easy days i go very very slowly. (just raced a 10k sunday at 6:20/mi pace... on my easy days i run 9:00/mi pace.) in 10-15 years i'll probably just walk on easy days.

(2) on hard days i start at that slow pace for the first two miles (20 min)

(3) after hard workouts i focus on simple recovery tricks for the first 15-20 minutes immediately following a workout. here's a good video:
Running Times Magazine: Video: The First 15 Minutes

(4) finally if something really starts to bother me (i have bouts with bursitis sometimes) i used contrast baths: 5min ice/ 5min hot, repeat for 20-30 min.
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