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yauncin, thanks! It does feel awesome to be at goal. More so because it just feels good to feel healthy and to be making choices by second nature and not by force! I am 42 and I wore my first bikini ever this summer on vacation.

I am actually maintaining at a weight that is lower than my original goal. I didn't so much decide to "keep going" once I got to my goal as I just made better choices and my exercise level stayed high. My body just kind of settled itself here, so I guess the goal was arbitrary.

vsabino, yes, I have seen every site there is about the recommended weight, BMI, etc., but there was really no way to tell till I got there how I felt. I also shifted over from a "goal weight" to a goal body fat, although I know the body fat scales are not necessarily accurate. Right now mine says I've just passed the "fitness" range into the "athlete" range, but again, no telling how accurate it is.

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