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before you cut down your calories why don't you try rotating them? stay at average of close to 1700 (example: Monday 1400 cal, Tuesday 1600, Wednesday 1800, Thursday 2000, Friday 1400, Saturday 1600, Sunday 1800 => 1657 cal avg/day). Rotation of calories this or similar way help you not to go into starvation mode - the highter calorie day "consfuses" your body sending the signal "no diet, there's enough of food". I had a very good results few years back when I needed it (lost this way 20 pounds). Of course all the other advises already mentioned in this thread (cardio, clean food, etc) are needed too

if your wght stays same after 2 weeks, go lower about 100-200 cal or/and add with it

funny thing, when I was doing rotation of calories, I usually got the weight drop the very next day AFTER the highest calorie day....strange

good luck

(to me too, cause I am back to lose 15 pounds after maintaining my "good" wght about 7 years...last year I quit smoking so I gained what I previously lost. I do know this time around it will be bit harder even with rotating calories because I am older now and all the was NOT easy for me first time around either, I have thyroid problem - so back to what I learned few years back on

oh, also, my mom lost this way about 30 pounds 2 years ago and she is 68 years old now! (she did not go too "scientificaly" into this but she did switch highter and lower days maintaining average of 1500-1600 cal/day)...she's my motivation now I only wish I'd have at least half of HER energy too! She goes on long walks every day...
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