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Originally Posted by freakoutdiet View Post
I have started my own diet called an average guy's 90 day freak out diet. The title is based on the fact that I'm so tired of being over weight that I'm freaking out about it. I figured I would give myself 90 days to change my horrible twinkies,ding dongs,cup cakes or hoho's. I've cut out all soda and basically anything else that sounds bad for you. To be honest with you, I really don't know what I'm doing but I have started my diet and I'm blogging and tweeting about it everyday in the hopes to keep myself honest. If anyone out there would like to join me on my quest, comment on my blog or just offer me some help on here, I would appreciate it. Please join the new group on facebook called "fitdayfriends".Thanks and please let me know what you think and I look forward to making new friends along the way.
I read your blog. Hang in there! I'm also on the Facebook group (FitDayFriends). One thing I can recommend is that is water is getting boring then add something low calorie to it (and sugar-free). Crystal light has sooo many flavors (you can also get walmart brands cheaper). Another thing I have done (because I would rather use Splenda sweetener) is use sugar free coolaid and add splenda instead of sugar to it. I make a gallon at a time. You can mix the flavors too to make strawberry lemonade and so forth.

Another thing I would recommend is to eat things that you think you can stick with eating after the 90 days is up. I'm telling you, if you go back to normal eating habits after the 90 days is over you will gain 3 times the weight you lost! Be careful!
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