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Originally Posted by pbright120 View Post
That is one of your arguments for a low protein diet? You really think that adults have the same nutritional needs as new born babies???
Well, actually I will reference the World Health Organizations recommended minimum protein requirement of .45 grams per kg of bodyweight. That comes out to about 5% of my daily calories.

From the WHO's website:

In any developed society it is almost impossible to be protein deficient. Even strict vegetarians can easily get all their protein requirements from complex carbohydrates. It is possible if a person consumes only sugar (simple carbohydrates) for extended period of time a protein deficiency may develop. Under normal circumstances a low protein diet is not a health concern.

An infant will need much more protein to grow than an adult. An adult can live with less than 5% quite easily if they are healthy. Minimum daily requirements are often the worse cause scenario for someone who might have absorption problems from illness or genetic factors. It is common to quadruple the minimum daily requirement of healthy people to have a value more suitable to everyone. Did they do this with the recommended minimum protein requirements? I do not know. You would have to contact the World Health Organization directly to find this out. However, eating even a small variety of whole foods will likely easily net you 5%.
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