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Default Started South Beach last weekend

I have been struggling with my weight for a few years now. I am 6'6" and for many years I was thin and could eat anything. I was 190 when I got married at 26. Then around the time my kids arrived (mid 30's) I started to pack it on. A year ago I swore I would never be over 240 and when I tipped the scales at 255 last month I know I needed a change.

A few years ago I did a modified Subway (Jared) diet and lost about 25 lbs because I was walking 3 miles a day too but really didn't change my eating habits, started up "stress eating" and stopped exercising so I gained it all back. I have a wicked sweet tooth and a history of diabetes in my family so I was getting worried.

Since I am so tall everyone tells me "oh you're not fat" but I carry it all around my belly and I think have alot of visceral fat.

So I decided to try South Beach and it is working really well because it is a "lifestyle" changing. So far I like it and it is making it easier for me to be creative about my eating habits. One thing I like about this diet is that I feel full all the time. I've also started walking again.

I'll post my progress periodically. I would like to get down to 215 by New Years as this will get my BMI down to the "normal range"

Age: 56
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Starting Weight: 250 pounds (8-07-2010)
Current Weight: 246 pounds (8-10-2010)
Goal: 215 pounds (12-31-10)
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