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Originally Posted by blackrhino2 View Post
Hi all, i wanted to post a video here that i struck a cord with me. YouTube - Tri Delta - Fat Talk Free Week

Each time I read the subject line of this thread it made me cringe a little bit as inside. I felt hurt even though I know it wasn't aimed at me. We are all motivated differently and I support everyone is finding what works best for them. I just thought I would post this video here and say that I personally pledge to make every effort to stop myself from fat talk.

I am aware that this video is about women, but I believe fat talk affects a lot of my guy friends as well.
I haven't watched the video b/c I'm at work, but will later.

As far as fat talk, I know I was fat, I can admit and there is no reason to beat around the bush. I don't like to sugar coat my words, b/c then I'd end up eating them!

I think that many people here and in life in general coddle each other, thus adding to the problem. Yes we all have our problems, depression, anxiety, diabetes, hypothyroidism, bad home life, etc, etc. BUT WE NEED TO GET PAST THAT AND DO WHAT'S RIGHT FOR OUR HEALTH.

I forgot to mention that when I was FAT, my cholesterol was like 260 something, now it's like 130 something. Where would my cholesterol be if I didn't admit to MYSELF that I was fat??? Maybe 280??

I guess we need to pick our battles, I chose to take on a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life... not to be thin skinned and worry what others thought of me. I didn't care what others thought about me... I didn't like me!
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