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Originally Posted by anad64 View Post
.. makes not sense to even try post it here....

yeah, all the OP said is written in stone, the weight loss is matter of black or white and you guys figured it all out as 1.2.3.

that's the wonderful thing, we don't have to all agree. My point to me posting this is that our (yours, mine, and probably the next person to reply) excuses are getting in our way of our success.

If you don't think that your excuses hindered you at all, then good for you. I know better... my excuses got in my way and like I said, it wasn't until I dropped my excuses that I started seeing results. I was to blame b/c my job changed and I didn't.

I've heard your excuse about gaining weight when you quit smoking. Did quitting smoking in itself result in you gaining weight or was it the need to have something in your mouth? If you didn't eat more (or move less) and you gained weight JUST BECAUSE you quit smoking then maybe there are other issues going on. If you did gain b/c you ate more then an excuse just may be your issue. It's up to you to do what's right for you.

I was just trying to offer some motivation and strike some nerves, to be honest... mission accomplished!
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