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Smile HCG is working for me! (homeopathic)

Due to the success of a co-worker of mine on the HCG spray I decided to give it a try. I am a normal sized woman who stores fat on my thighs (saddle bags) and I hate to work out. I always have eaten well so I have been able to maintain my 5'4" body around 123 - 127. However, I am married to a man who works out and wants me to do the same. I hate working out so much that I decided to try and cut the body fat other ways.

I bought HCG drops from amazon and started them Aug. 2 (the first day of a light menstrual period day). The program is 25 days; day 1-2 load with HCG, day 3-23 500 calorie limit with HCG, day 24-25 500 calorie limit with no HCG. Then 25 days of maintenance with watching weight gains and losses. The first two days I got headaches (apparently it's a detox reaction). The first week was hard, in the sense that I need to figure out the best time to take my drops in ration to when I was going to eat so I would not be hungry. Now I am on day 11 and I have gone from 128 to 118. I now know what to eat and when, there are a lot of websites that suggest recipes so it can become easy.

This diet causes your body to burn fat storage instead of muscle, thus following the suggested diet is crucial to follow or your body will burn the food instead of your fat! My husband had noticed a difference in my body too! My fat pockets have shrunk and my skin is nice and tight around the areas that I am losing so I know it is working!

Ill post back next week on my progress!!!
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