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Hi Kylie,

Way to go with your weight loss!

I lost around 80 pounds on a plant-based whole foods diet. I am around 14% bf trying to get down to 10% at present. I spent my entire life trying every single diet in the book and only gained more weight than I started. A few times I managed to get down to the 180's, but I would shoot back up and eventually hit around 240. When I went on a plant-based whole foods diet, the weight melted off me. I didn't even have to try!

I eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, with some nuts, beans, lentils, etc on occasion. No soda, coffee, or any stimulants. Just water and caffeine free tea. I am not working on becoming a personal trainer to help others lose weight. It is amazing how easy it is when you eat the foods with the most micronutrients. I realized that when I was overweight, I was starving myself of the micronutrients and my body was craving food for those nutrients and getting way to many macronutrients in the process. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and resting heart rate dropped significantly. I went from a 50% risk of heart attack to a less than 1%! Plus, I have WAY more energy and I have a much more active lifestyle now.
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