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Originally Posted by aarany View Post
I have to agree with anad64.

Due to health issues, including thyroid - some people will take longer to shed the lbs. Just because your mind tells you, you want to lose weight, your body doesn't always agree - example of that is in even healthy people - called plateau's. Your body sometimes does its own thing.

Um, no. You can gain weight from it but once regulated by meds you can lose the weight just like anyone else.

I am not saying it's not impossible to lose weight - it's very possible, but everyone is different.

I didn't see anyone here say everyone was the same and would lose weight at the same rate.

FYI - No, I don't have a thyroid problem or any other health concern that would stop me from losing weight. I'm just saying, yes, 95% of people are just overweight because of themselves. The other 5%, we have to give some slack.

I think the OP's thread hit a sore spot with some of you that are still hanging on to excuses.

I thought it was well written and motivational. I vote that it should become a sticky in this forum!
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