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Originally Posted by anad64 View Post
I have one of the best endocrinologist available. My point is - yes, weight loss can be done even with thyroid condition but it's much harder - not as easy as the OP describes! I did it once, kept the weight off for 6 years, then quit smoking and now I am doing it again (nevertheless - even with the best doc and balanced prescription it's give and take w/symtoms...not to get overmedicated, it's not a magical pill that solves all symptoms, trust me - I got to try many of them and the one I am on for last 7 years, cytomel, works the best for me)
What makes it harder? If your thyroid is regulated by medication then you lose weight just like anyone else by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. If you are still having "thyroid symptoms" then you need to find another doctor to figure out why.

You can blame untreated/undiagnosed hypothyroidism for your weight gain but once it is regulated with meds, you have to lose the weight just like you overate to get fat.

And I am curious, you gained weight just because you quit smoking?
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