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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
75 pounds in 90 days??? How active are you, or did I miss that part? A "diet" is something that you'll come off of, it NEEDS to be a lifestyle as vabeachgirlNYC stated.

I know that amount seems shocking to most people, but I also gained around 100 lbs in about 4 months... Not a thyroid problem or pregnancies either... I had quit smoking and had a lifestyle change... and gained it all rather quickly.
After that, the pounds kept adding up.. I'd try to lose... and succeed at losing 10-20 lbs, then something would happen and I'd quit and gain it back PLUS some.
Now I am finally on the the right track, frame of mind, and no excuses
My first 3 weeks (21 days), I lost 23 pounds.

Starting Weight: 2/10/2014 353.9 lbs.
Current Weight:

Height: 5'8"

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