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Originally Posted by anad64 View Post
I have one of the best endocrinologist available. My point is - yes, weight loss can be done even with thyroid condition but it's much harder - not as easy as the OP describes! I did it once, kept the weight off for 6 years, then quit smoking and now I am doing it again (nevertheless - even with the best doc and balanced prescription it's give and take w/symtoms...not to get overmedicated, it's not a magical pill that solves all symptoms, trust me - I got to try many of them and the one I am on for last 7 years, cytomel, works the best for me)
I never said that it's "easy", but it is much harder when people hang on to their excuses. I did say that it will take much less time to take the weight off than it did to put on, is that not true?
You said it yourself, you lost the weight even with a thyroid condition, enforcing what I said. Unless I'm understanding it wrong, when you quit smoking you put the weight back on. If this is correct what does that have to do with your thyroid?
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