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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC View Post
Maybe you need to find a new doctor? Seriously, because if your thyroid is regulated by meds it is not an excuse. Once your thyroid is regulated you CAN lose the weight if you want to, by eating healthy and getting active. And when you do that you will see your energy levels increase.

People get fat for different reasons but everyone who wants to lose the fat needs to do the same thing. Eat healthy and Get active.

It is not easy but anyone can do it once they stop making excuses and make the choice to start living healthy.

Congrats on the quitting smoking and good luck on losing the weight.
I have one of the best endocrinologist available. My point is - yes, weight loss can be done even with thyroid condition but it's much harder - not as easy as the OP describes! I did it once, kept the weight off for 6 years, then quit smoking and now I am doing it again (nevertheless - even with the best doc and balanced prescription it's give and take w/symtoms...not to get overmedicated, it's not a magical pill that solves all symptoms, trust me - I got to try many of them and the one I am on for last 7 years, cytomel, works the best for me)
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