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Originally Posted by mcsolar View Post
i think people who try too hard to start, and think that they can push through the pain of doms for instance, quickly lose interest in exercise. it really is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a task! but unfortunately i think you'll see during the next few weeks how lots of new year's resolution exercisers disappear, and by march the health clubs will be empty again.
I used to hate January at the gym just for that reason. The long wait and crowded atmosphere was tough on the regulars. I found the very best days to go to the gym were 1) Superbowl Sunday, and 2) Any day during the NCAA Sweet 16 right through to the Finals. You nearly have the place to yourself!

I work out at home now. I never have to wait to use the treadmill here.

I have my reasons for pushing hard right now. I won't be sore much after this first month (unless I add new exercises.) It's fine. I'm one who needs the endorphin highs... or I won't stick with it. Taking it easy right now will only allow me to blow off my workouts.

Oh... and P.S. - I'm not a New Years Resolution exerciser.
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