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As grumpyphil says, a little difficult to know exactly what to say without knowing more. is your profile public on here.. I haven't checked.

However, on the face of things, I'd switch the lunch and dinner around.. So you eat the bigger meal midday and the lighter meal at night. I also don't have any carbs with my evening meal. Lots of veg and my measure of meat but no pasta, potatoes etc. or yoghurt or fruit (high in sugar). If I get hungry after my dinner than I'll have a handful of nuts, cottage cheese and a bit of green salad or a protein shake. (depends on what training I'm doing - naff all at the moment but that changes on 1st Feb!)

I take it you put your meals in fitday.. have a look at the %ages of carbs, protein and fats. I've found that on the main, people seem to eat too much in the way of carbs and not enough protein. The %ages that seem to work best are 40 protein/40 carbs/20 fats (of which very little should be sat fats.
You need protein with each meal, including snacks.

let me know how you get on or give some more info and maybe my reply might be a bit more useful for you
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