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Skip the treadmill, and get yourself a nice jog stroller or a baby back-packer and take Jr. out for a run everyday and push yourself to go more than a mile. Maybe even look for a local 5K and start yourself training for it. Also I find that activities that are fun for the kids really elevate the overall fitness of the whole family. You're a dad now, it's your job to set a good example, and generally speaking it's your actions not your words that have the biggest impact. So sign the little man up for water babies and make some baby friends and schedule some playdates at the park, check out Kindermusic and Baby Yoga and in a year or two maybe you can take a family karate class.

Just so you know that I'm not joking about the baby classes, I took all 3 of my girls to water babies, and they all learned to swim by age 4. Nowadays I spend a lot of time in the water with them practicing for meets and dive team. It's been a great way to help me lose weight and raise them to lead a healthy lifestyle.
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