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Originally Posted by efduncan View Post
I agree with Justawalker on the brews. I have tried the Select 55s but I have not been able to stick to them. I mostly drink Bud light and only on weekends.
I had some out-of-town company last night and knocked back 4-5 Heinekens...oops, lost count...@ 150cal per beer, I added an unnecessary 750 calories to my daily intake. I've been doing so good with the not drinking thing, but every once in while ok I guess...

My diet tip- I squeeze fresh lime juice on my corn on the cob instead of using any butter/margarine or salt & pepper.
Mmmmm.....lime juice & corn is so good together-try it.

I also try to make 100% of all my meals, but there's the occasional case of no time, so I'll visit my local sandwhich shop down the street (not a franchise, but a mom & pop type of deli) and I always get the same sandwhich. Sliced turkey w/ provolone cheese on Rye bread & everything except for mayo-I'll substitute mayo for a scoop of avocado.

I also fight hunger between meals with a glass of lemon water
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