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Default plans....

I can't say I have a 'real' weight loss plan this time around. All of my previous "plans" have failed big time so I'm very hesitant to be too restrictive or even tell anyone that I'm trying to lose weight - except on here of course! I intend to track my calories and try and stay under 2000 each day. (Breastfeeding requires 500-700 calories a day). I also want to exercise more but on days that I don't/can't I won't beat myself up about it. My new baby is not sleeping much and cries a lot day and night so I'm totally exhausted and sleep deprived. My 2 year-old is also very active and demanding so for now I have my hands full and can't schedule time to workout other than going for walks with them. (I also have a broken tailbone thanks to a difficult labour. My doctor thinks I should be able to do more in the way of weight training etc. with a couple more weeks healing time.)

So far my new plan to not have a more formal plan is working. Since losing the 35 pounds of baby weight, I've lost three more in the past two weeks! I was going to weigh myself tomorrow but ended up on the scales this a.m. instead. I was pleased.

I think staying positive is key. In the past when things got super busy or stressful (which they are for sure right now) I would turn to food for comfort. I'm struggling to avoid that vicious cycle this time around.
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