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Smile Daily counting.

This tip sounds like something that could have been written by someone working for but really, count everything!

I know there are magical diets all over the place - but a diet is a diet, you have to live with it and it has to work for you the REST OF YOUR LIFE from now on!

What I noticed myself is that I put weight on and then realize that I haven't been looking at the number of calories I put in my mouth in a day. So I've gone back to and started logging all that I eat every day.

In a year, I gained 14 pounds and I'm slowly working my way through taking that off. I made a rule for myself - it goes in my mouth means it goes into fitday.

At the end of the day, are you really wondering where weight comes from if your honest logging shows that you ate 3500 calories and upwards every day?

I can see just what having one drink of alcohol does to my calories for the day. Huh? It was just a drink, it's not like it was a meal! Yeah, but look at those numbers now....

It turns eating into a learning experience.
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