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Originally Posted by basscat348 View Post
I am highly alergic to MSG although if youre looking for it on labels just remember that if its not 100% Monosodium Glutimate then they legally dont have to list it.What they will do is use word phrases such as whey protein,whey protein isolate,natural flavors,spice,spices,natural spices,smoke,maltodextrin,anything soy,soy lethecin Etc.Almost all food produced now has this excitotoxin in it,and I believe this is a major contributor why the majority of americans are overweight and people get excessive migraine headaches.

Awesome websites Basscat, thanks so much, again.

I agree with what you said. I know so many people with chronic migraines. It is sad that it is so hard to avoid these chemicals and that the ingredients listings can be so deceptive. I didn't realize the msg was potentially connected to ADD; but it makes sense. Alot of people eat loads of processed foods every day, particularly kids.

Another issue is the hormones given to livestock; they are particularly high in beef. I think it is a good idea to know where your meat and produce originates from or buy 'farm direct' whenever possible.

I am even more motivated to eat naturally now!!!! Going to really analyze any processed foods that I purchase.
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