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Red face Thank You FitDay

After too long of being unhappy about my energy levels, and my body, I started eating healthy. It was very natural, and just happened for me because I was ready. In an effort to track my progress, I found FitDay. I'm proud to say FitDay was what kept me on track. Through summer vacations and parties and cookouts, I still have managed to stay on track.

I started on July 19th, three weeks ago, and I have lost 8 lbs already. My overall goal is 20 lbs, so I am nearly half way there!

One added bonus is that by tracking my intake through FitDay, I realized that my nightly drinking was one of the main causes of my lethargy and unhappiness in my life. So I've kicked that habit too.

Thanks FitDay, as well as everyone whose stories have provided and still provide inspiration to me on a daily basis.
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