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Default How many people do you think Join on here ... and never come back after the first

.... week?


I have been going through some of the profiles on Fitday ... and have found the majority of people write one post, and never seem to come back on again

This is such a valuable site, with so much to offer, yet very few people have posted more than once .....

I believe success is based on changing the lifestyle so many of us have been living - which has made us UNHAPPY for a longtime!

I come here every day - a few times a day - log what i eat - i log what i did fitness wise - and i write about my moods, my journal - i utilize the site. I hope i will continue to be successful - but i sort of look at it like a job - i have to attend to it

nonetheless - i hope you guys reading this continue to come back and read, report and experience!
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