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Default Vegetables - a lot of flavor, few calories!

One of the things I discovered recently while working on losing weight is how more robust your diet can be by adding veggies to your various meals.

For example, my normal lunch sandwich would be 1 - 2 oz of meat slapped between some bread and spicy mustard. Pretty boring, but it gets the job done.

This past year, I've taken to adding a slice of tomato and baby spinach leaves (or romaine lettuce) to my sandwiches. It gives the entire sandwich a little more "oomf" to it. It adds flavor and heartiness to the lunch, but very little calories. One slice of tomato, for example, is only 4 calories! Some lettuce or spinach is even less.

Another thing I've added to my lunches is a ziplock bag of a raw vegetable. Carrots are great, and one serving (about 8 - 10 baby carrots) is only 40 calories. Or you can cut up an entire bell pepper (orange are my favorites) and that would only be another 20 calories or so. You get better nutrion, feel full, and only take in another 20 - 40 calories or so. Good stuff.

Of course, you have to LIKE these things in order to enjoy them. Or force yourself to like them. I wasn't really a raw tomato fan myself, but I can enjoy it in a sandwich.

Meanwhile, while fruit is also good for you (and you should eat it!), all the sugar costs you calories.

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