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I hate to tell you, but at our age range (I'm 45), unless you are very active, you're probably going to have to either really do a LOT of cardio or you're going to have to cut your calories down closer to 1200. 10 years ago, I could lose weight steadily at 1800 cals and moderate exercise. No more. If I target 1200 cals, and stay within 1200-1400 range, I am lucky to creep off a pound a week. Sometimes it's a half a pound, and sometimes I can be perfect and gain weight. It's not fair, but it's just the way it is.

The trick is to really make those calories count! We do not have room for extra's, and planning your menu the day before really helps. You can make "exchanges" if things don't go the way you expect, or if you crave something different. But you have to plan.
Add extra veggies wherever you can, because it helps bulk up your meals helping you feel fuller. And don't make the mistake of eating fat free everything. You need healthy fats at every meal to help you feel satiated. For instance, I have apple slices and old fashioned peanut butter for a snack or string cheese and whole grain crackers. The fiber and fat, with a glass of crystal light or water really helps get me through the afternoon.

If I do at least 45 mins to and hour of cardio 5 days a week, do something active every day, and stay at 1200 to 1400, I can get it off slowly. You can too. Also, don't forget to build muscle with light weights. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns - even at rest.
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