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Artificial sweeteners are not food and the body doesn't know what to do with them. Aspartame has many people on red alert because of health issues with it and some believe where there is smoke there is fire. Splenda was invented by a chemical company who was trying to make a new pesticide! These companies want your money and that is the entire motivation behind their plans. Profit, not health.

Meanwhile, people who care about health have been sounding the warning against consuming artificial sweeteners for a long time. What's their motivation? Obviously it isn't profit.

Who you going to believe? The same people who tell you high fructose corn syrup isn't a problem?

DUMP all sodas and drink water and beverages that have a long history of good health, like tea. Yes I know it is hard. I stopped drinking diet soda three years ago and I haven't missed them. I drink lots of water with lemon now.
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