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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post

I'm on FD to track calories/nutrients for lean weight gain (muscle) but alcohol has a similar sabotaging effect there as well, especially particularly carby alcohol like beer and wine. I started out a skinny (almost nonexistent) 160 lbs last month, and I'm up to 165 now after a few weeks of really solid work at the gym and in the kitchen. However, last weekend my girlfriend came to visit and we partied hearty (couple beers apiece, champagne and the most romantic straight whiskey shots I've ever taken). Under normal circumstances I'll enjoy a few beers per week but I don't drink on a daily basis or anything. I also ate a lot more carb than I'm used to and lo and behold, Tuesday I notice a nicely-rounded beach ball under my shirt. Anything that I could see of my barely developing "two-pack" last week is now obscured by a generous layer of fat. Oh well, back to the grind, I guess.

Any regular use of alcohol is best avoided if you want to reach your goal quickly and cleanly, that's my experience.
Thanks guys I did some research on what you were saying and came to the same conclusion. I have deleted my beer from my schedule for today and will do so for at least a week without changing anything else.
I will report back here next Fri with the results.

We are haveing a bbq get together tommorow and I will most likely drink something but will abstain after that during the week and next weekend if scedule permits. I can see the science in the thinking and appreciate the tip.
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