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Originally Posted by justawalker View Post
Anyone else have an opinion or experience on moderate alcohol consumption sabitaging your weight loss efforts?
Excellent info midwestj-

Yes, quit drinking or seriously cut it down to a couple of beers for the weekend only- you'll thank yourself later.

I'm down to losing my last 5lbs. of my target weight, but them cold beers seem to sabotage my motivation and give me that bloated feeling...

However, when I first started my weight loss journey, I quit drinking for about 2 months and it dramatically helped with weight loss, I was also able to sleep better- the GF even told me that I didn't snore anymore and had a better general attitude towards everything-especially working out.

Just try it for a while and see what happens.

You might also want to look into keeping your diet in the med-low G.I. range.

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