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Originally Posted by midwestj View Post
You might be low in dietary fat. As a man try and get at least 30% of your calories from fat, good fats.

They are important for producing testosterone, which is a key component of building muscle and losing body fat.

And alcohol, is probably whats holding you back the most. Alcohol slows protein synthesis, dehydrates you, dumps your vitamins, and lowers testosterone production. Alcohol calories must be burned off before food calories and slow digestion.

Basically alcohol is putting your body in a poor state to be building muscle and losing weight, so try and limit your drinking. This is probably not what you wanted to hear but its the truth.
No good that is what I am looking for opinions. I will try to get more Avocado,nuts olive oil. I thought that the couple beers a night might not be a big deal but will try to cut them out for a while and see what happens. makes since.
Anyone else have an opinion or experience on moderate alcohol consumption sabitaging your weight loss efforts?
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