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You might be low in dietary fat. As a man try and get at least 30% of your calories from fat, good fats.

They are important for producing testosterone, which is a key component of building muscle and losing body fat.

And alcohol, is probably whats holding you back the most. Alcohol slows protein synthesis, dehydrates you, dumps your vitamins, and lowers testosterone production. Alcohol calories must be burned off before food calories and slow digestion.

Basically alcohol is putting your body in a poor state to be building muscle and losing weight, so try and limit your drinking. This is probably not what you wanted to hear but its the truth.


Also, I noticed you have a similar starting weight as I did. I started at 225 on july 6th today is aug 6th and I weigh in at 214 but I have also lost considerable inches (body recomposition!) I started off with getting about 2100 calories then I upped it to 2200 and then 2300-2400, at 2300-2400 I feel very comfortable and energized, I don't battle hunger and I lose weight at the rate of my goal which is 1.9 pounds a week. Its about a 950 calorie deficit, which is plenty and actually on the high end of "safe." I still get about .8-1g protein/lb of bodyweight and most of the RDA for nutrients, so I know I am adequately fueling recovery.

I am only 23 so my base metabolism is higher, but still 1500-1800 calories is probably low for you, use the goal weight tool and set a reasonable goal date, the slower the weight comes off the healthier and more permanent it will be.

I noticed you were getting 2-3 beers a day, thats probably whats killing your weight loss, and muscle growth. Take a look at this video: the voice over sucks but the info is solid.

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