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You eat almost exactly the same foods I eat! If you took away the bread, that could be mine.

I'm afraid I can't offer any advice though, other than to say that I personally think that looks like sensible eating (of course). You're keeping your protein pretty high, which I understand is good to avoid losing muscle. I'm keeping my calories a little lower and not losing anything, but I'm female and quite a bit smaller, so that's understandable.

I'm inclined to suggest you keep doing what you're doing. It's not unusual for people to lose a relatively large amount of weight the first week as the body adjusts to a new eating pattern, but it's often mostly water. It seems like what you're doing ought to give you about a pound per week fat loss, which puts you right on track.

If you aren't losing anything at all, then I'd love to know why, because I've got the same problem.
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