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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
Ah, thank you. When I opened your log I was like waahhhh, justawalker needs to be justarunning if she's eating that many calories everyday, but then I realized that maybe you are not a woman. Looks like you might be into bodybuilding or at least doing some serious toning with the nlarge in your log. What is that stuff exactly? Looks like a protein supplement of some sort, but it doesn't seem to have much in terms of nutritional value, or did you leave that part of the info off the custom food? Just curious, DH has been urging me to find a different protein powder, the one I like is a little too pricey for his taste.

What's your starting weight? Never mind, see it now.
I left the nutrition part out. Anyway dropped nlarge from my diet too much sugar. I have another whey protien I am using that is on its way.
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