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Originally Posted by need2losen2010 View Post
Me too please. I'll change my weigh-in to Friday. This will help me be more accountable. I've been logging my food for the past week, but need to get my butt moving on the treadmill, & I don't want too, so I can log activities too.
I hope I can find this thread again, & it doesn't disappear into computer land, not to be seen again. I have a bit of a problem with technology, LOL!!

starting weight 265 1/10/2010
261 1/22/2010
goal weight March 5 250
You can find this thread easily by "subscribing" to it. While in this thread, click on the link "Thread tools" and then "Subscribe to this thread" and add the subscription. Then, anytime you are on the Forums and logged in, you can click on "Quick Links" and then "Subscribed Threads" and you will see all your subscribed threads on that page.

(A personal "sticky" option would have been easier but I don't see it available on this site.)
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