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Originally Posted by jhansen6 View Post
Hey everyone, i just joined the site to keep track of my calories and such because its a pain to do it with paper and pencil. I am training for a body buidling competition coming here in september in pittsburgh, I need to lose another 15 lbs to get down to 180 for the competition. I currently weight 195lbs. Does anyone have anytips on a good body building diet with high protien, low low carbs, and low fat. Also I have to keep it around 1800 calories which is the tough part.
This may sound crazy... but if you are traning for a competition that's next month souldn't you already have your diet hashed out? You may want to try - The Future Of Bodybuilding! Huge Bodybuilding Site. they have good diet and contest prep information over there. Good luck.
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