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Default What Am I Doing Wrong?

Posted in Men's Only...thought I would post here for more exposure.

I have started a regimen and entering my 5th week. I dropped my caloric intake to about 1400/day on average. I spend 30-40 minutes each morning working out. Initially I lost 7 pounds, but I keep bouncing with 2 pounds now. I will lose it and then 2 days later it is back. I switched from "white foods" to wheat (including pasta). I eat a breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat toast and 8oz of 1% milk. I drink 3 cups of black coffee. I have a banana at about 9:00am and then a lunch of about 400 calories. I drink 2 16.9oz bottles of 5 calorie Crystal Light throughout the day. About 3pm I have an apple. Dinner is restricted to 600 calories or less. A small snack around 9 pm of either light popcorn or a handful of almonds or an orange. I drink 12 oz of 1% milk with dinner. I usually have water or another Crystal light with snack.

My wife is following the same routine, except she eats salad for lunch(no dressing) and she has lost maybe 3 pounds. Neither one of us can figure out why we aren't losing anything. We are both getting frustrated at not seeing results. Any ideas or tips appreciated!
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