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Hey ladies! I've thought about doing the dietician thing, but I live in a very rural area and there isn't one around that I've been able to find.
I'm not thinking cutting calories is going to be a good idea, I thought for awhile that not eating enough was my problem so I increased from 1200 ( or less, I know not good but I wasn't hungry) to around 1500. Eating small meals about every 2 hours.
I actually took a week off my medication (phentermine, prescribed by my md) and I'm going to see if that may jump start something again for me.
As far as exercise goes, I usually do my cardio and then end with my strength training. I have one of those resistance bands that I've been using for that. My cardio is always different though. I have about 4 dvd's that I alternate, and I also watch the Fit channel on my satellite but it's always different things.
On the BRIGHT side (yay there is one!) I took measurements last week and again this week, and I've lost 4 inches. So could be I'm gaining muscle mass and losing fat. Either way, I'm not giving up!! I refuse!!! I know I'm just being too hard on myself and eventually this will break. It just might take ETERNITY!! lol

Thanks a bunch you two...I'm definitely feeling better!!!

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