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Default Which vitamins are correct?

Everywhere I look I notice that people have found the same inconsistencies that I have regarding the b vitamins on the food list; the lack of sugar, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and (another I've noticed) chromium on the nutrition information spots. I was thrilled when I found this site a few days ago and began entering all my information. I had a gastric bypass 9 years ago and due to this, don't absorb all my nutrients properly-especially B vitamins. So how can I find out if I really am getting 200% of my RDA, or if I'm actually shorting myself?

Short of solving the world's computer complaints, lol!, can anyone recomment a multi-vitamin that is not too expensive, but easily absorbable (is that even a word,? ha! ha!)? It would be very helpful if I could boost my energy by getting the appropriate nutrients!

P.S. I would love to have the nifty signature for my posts, but don't know how, can anyone advise the computer illiterate?
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