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Originally Posted by Pixie5477 View Post
Wow... I should probably keep my mouth shut, but I think everyone is being a little harsh on littlegreenone... First of all, I was on the carb diet for 9 months and it affected my memory and learning processes for a long time after I quit. I'm not saying that would happen to everyone, but it happened to me.

Secondly, I believe that each person has different nutrition and diet needs. There is not one single way to do this correctly. We have to follow our instincts, see what works best with our OWN body.

Third... This is simply a forum. Ideas are shared and each and every individual has the responsibility to interpret what they read and reasearch the facts. Never believe everything you read. That's ridiculous. Especially when it comes to your own body. Everyone is different.

Personally, I have enjoyed hearing different viewpoints and suggestions. I do my research ane experiment to see what works for me. In the end, my diet / lifestyle is a mix and match of many different suggestions and ideas.
While I believe that there are different things that work for different people, i would never come on a public forum and state all of the so-called dangers of an eating plan without having researched it thoroughly first.

I don't have a habit of stating stuff unless I know what I am talking about beforehand. That is the same no matter if I am speaking to someone in person or if I am speaking to someone through and internet forum.

Some people just listen to what the media spouts and go with it.

I don't believe the media. I no longer do Atkins myself, but I believe in the process. I also firmly believe that anyone that has had adverse affects from "doing Atkins" also did not work the plan correctly.

If eating protein, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, some dairy, natural fats and some limited whole grains makes someone have adverse affects, then we are all doomed because that is the basis of an all natural eating plan.
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