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Later in the evenings, the battle is between my head and my stomach. My head says don't eat anything and my stomach says eat everything. I found a simple way to compromise. I make sure that I have 4 things on hand... a blender, 1 cup of rice milk (or hemp milk), 3 spoonfuls of frozen mixed berries and a clean 12oz glass. I take a sip, put the glass down, when I'm ready, I take another sip and put the glass down, ...etc.
The benefits: 1) I'm not putting food in my belly late at night, only liquids (thanks to the blender), 2) I put the glass down, wait a bit and then take another sip, wait a bit, repeat - this makes the smoothie last longer and in 5 or 10 minutes, my cravings go away and my stomach is happy. Hope this works for you!
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