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Thanks Wylie!

When I do drink milk, it's usually 1%, as I'm not fond of Skim either. Funny, for someone who loves food, I can be pretty picky at times. I know what you mean about the texture of brown rice. I don't really care for it, but I will eat it.

I'm always very 'gung ho' when I try to focus on eating better, but I feel like I need to go to extremes -- like all veggies/fruits, no bread -- although I know that's not well balanced or the right thing to do.

After all these years of yo-yo dieting, and never really reaching a 'normal weight', I feel like I should be an expert on what I should be eating & doing... yet, I'm still uncertain.

That's why I appreciate everyone's feedback and support. I'm just gonna go one day at a time, and stay open minded towards learning & growing (smaller).
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